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We decided to take a 3 day trip out to the Sahara from Marrakesh. Our group of 11 (4 Chileans, 2 Aussies, 2 Japanese, 1 French lady, and us) started out super early in the morning and the route took us south through the mountain passes of the High Atlas to Ouarzazate.

There was plenty of snow on the road and oddly enough, though we were in the middle of no where, high in the mountains, there were people walking on the side of the road. Crazy. Our driver gave one guy a lift to the top by letting him stand on our rear bumper and literally hang off the back of our minibus. When we got to the top, the guy jumped off, ran to a shack and came running back down the hill towards us with a wheelbarrow full of souveniers!

The scenery was very nice - comparable to driving through the Rockies.

Once we got into the foothills, we started to see villages with kasbahs built out of mud and straw on the sides of the hills. Though they were constructed out of mud, the walls had beautiful, intricate designs on them.

We amused ourselves by counting the 'Elflings' on our way --Moroccans who wore the traditional jalabahs (cloaks with big hoods that made them look like elves or gnomes depending on their height). Funny. We even saw elflings on motorcycles!!! Guess you had to be there.

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