20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Saturday - childrens day.

Saturday - amassing outside San Fransisco Cathedral

Saturday - bring on the clowns.

Saturday - Spiderman at the ready.

Saturday - Shrek fan club.

Saturday - Foam fight.

Saturday - cool dude.

Saturday - Too much fun for some.

Underfunding of the army is really hitting hard.

Sunday - Singing and dancing in the rain.

Sunday - Stopped raining, now it's water-bombs.

The locals.

Trainee arms dealer.

The Ring Leader.

Full assault.


Monday - Dancing wedding cakes.

Monday - proper dancers.

That's what you call a hat.

More real dancers.

Lone dancer, great costume.

A very popular group for some reason.

Another lot of dancers.

Carnival - Not just for the young and beautiful.

Who invited the Argentinians?

The African drummers - amazing rhythms.

Main square, La Paz.

The most disciplined guards in the world, probably not.

It's taken so long to add these photographs I'll write about it another day soon. Possibly.

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