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Swimming pool


Hot spring

Forgot to turn it off?


Very big non-snowman


I'm not happy! I found a shop in Barcelona last night with 2GB SD cards for e12.99 and was going to buy a couple but thought I'd wait to see if they were cheaper in Andorra today, they weren't. So I've come back to the same shop tonight and they have doubled the price, bugger.

San Marino is a pretty shopping centre, Andorra is just a shopping centre, a very cheap one but other than shopping has nothing else to offer, if you have a skiing trip planned there soon start praying as they have no snow yet.

Still another European country knocked off, that only leaves Malta and some Emerald place and Europe will have been done, unless you count Georgia, Armenia and Azerbijan as UEFA do. I can't see how they can be europe as they are attached to Asian Turkey.

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