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Yesterday morning we awoke to an outdoor temperature of 62 degrees, and that warmed to the 80 degree range during the day.

Marilyn and I had our morning coffee indoors and then I had to get ready for softball practice. The guys were picking me up before 8:00 o'clock.

Practice went well except for Al, who was hit in the ankle by a line drive while pitching. He immediately put ice on it but was done for the day. I know that will be sore, so we are all hoping he will be ok in a day or so. After practice, Lynn gave me a uniform so I am all set to go. We have a practice game tomorrow, against the team which wins the league every year. They are very serious and practice for three hours every day. That beats our two hour practice twice a week. :)

Marilyn and I had lunch at the Rec Hall yesterday. We had a ham salad sandwich on home made rye bread, and a bowl of taco soup, with iced tea to drink. A nice lunch for $4.50 per person. We even purchased a loaf of the home made rye bread to bring home. It sure is yummy!

In the afternoon we mainly sat on the patio in our lounge chairs. We read for awhile and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. We finally went back indoors to have a lite dinner and watch a little TV before going to bed.

It was a very relaxing day. We did decide to go to Mexico today and asked Carl & Linda to go along. Carl decided to drive and asked us to ride in his new truck. OK!

We'll do a little shopping and have lunch at the Red Snapper before returning to the USA.

This morning there is so much fog outdoors that we can barely see to the end of the street, but I'll wait to write about that tomorrow morning. :)

It was one of those enjoyable days when nothing much happens. We are just enjoying the good life. We have today to look forward to and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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