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Eiffel Tower at night (1)

Eiffel Tower at night (2)

The saga continues...

I found my hotel by 12:15 but, unfortunately, at that hour the people running the show are the porters. They couldn't fine my booking, they couldn't find my mail, and they couldn't tell me where I was supposed to meet my tour group. [Because my original, longer tour, which was supposed to start 4/3 had been cancelled I had arrived only about six hours before my new tour was supposed to start 4/2.] So, after running around to a couple of different hotels in the middle of the night I finally ascertained the secret meeting place for our morning departure. I desperately needed a shower and a shave so, once this was completed, I finally headed to bed about 2:30 am. Up again by 5:30 to have a wake-up shower, pack my bags (20 kilogram limit for European bus trips), drop extra stuff for storage in the hotel lobby, and make my way to the hotel down the road for check-in and departure. On the bus by 7:30 and on our way to Dover where we would catch the ferry to Calais, France. I managed to stay awake while Karim, our tour manager, explained some of the details but was out of it most of the rest of the way to Paris. Took a nap, ate dinner with the group in the hotel, and headed out for a trip through the city for a quick night tour before ending up at the Eiffel Tower. We headed up the tower to see the City of Lights at night. The views were pretty great despite the rain and the cold. Took some good pictures, hopped back on the bus, and was in bed by 11:30.

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