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Pre-Adventure pose. Notice Gilberts biking shorts.

Irene & Louise

Ted & Sue


Aboard the ferry

Pulling us across the Rio Grande

Ready to unload in Mexico

Headin' South in Mexico

Group picture in the plaza

Going exploring

Inside the church

How colorful!

No way to take one home on the bicycle

Posing for the gringo lady

Having lunch

Garlic shrimp

Fried shrimp

Street scene

Street scene

The Restaurant

Requisite photo

Looking at the USA side

Here comes our ride across the Rio Grande

Yesterday we awoke to a cool, overcast morning. Not the kind of weather we were hoping for. We had planned a bicycle trip to Mexico for some time and we were not about to let the cool weather deter us. We had our morning coffee while I mentally reviewed my "to do" list.

I had many things to get finished before starting the trip, so we were awake early. I rolled up the truck bed topper and unloaded the golf clubs, ladder, a broken chair, and an old water filter, which were being stored for God only knows what reason. I took out the trash and hauled it with the broken chair and the old water filter, to the dumpster. While I was out, I drove to the nearest Valero filling station and filled the truck with diesel at $3.12 per gallon. Ouch!

Once I returned to the RV, I dragged the air compressor out and filled all tires on our bikes. Marilyn came outside about that time and helped me load the bikes in the truck.

Once that was done and we had things put away, we drove down the street to Ted & Sue's motorhome. They were riding with us so we loaded their bikes into the back of the truck also, then drove around the corner to Heinz & Irene's site where we met the remainder of our little group. Gilbert & Louise were riding with Heinz & Irene, and now we had the usual "pre-adventure" posing for pictures. :) Notice that Gilbert has dropped his pants to show us his biking shorts. :)

We were on our way only a few minutes after 9:00 AM, driving west on Expressway 83, through McAllen, Mission and on to the little town of Sullivan, where we turned south for the short drive to the Los Ebanos Ferry.

This little hand pulled ferry is quite unique and interesting. We unloaded bikes, locked up the trucks, purchased our tickets for the ferry, and rode down the little dirt road to the ferry landing. We noticed that the price to take our bikes into Mexico on the ferry, increased from .75 to $1.00 since last year. :)

Once across the Rio Grande, we pushed our bikes up the steep dirt path to the paved road and mounted up for the ride into the town of Gvo Diaz Ordez. We had a fun time riding along the level narrow two lane blacktop road for a couple of miles into town.

Once there, we stopped at the plaza for more pictures, visited the Cathlic church, and rode around the town, exploring, not knowing where we were much of the time.

The people in this community don't have the huge numbers of tourists due to the fact that it is more remote and the ferry is the only direct access from the USA. We found the residents to be very friendly, waving to us with greetings of "Hello" or Buenos Dias" or a simple "Ola". There also were a noticable absence of beggars and vending stalls on the street. This is a nice place to visit.

I have pictures taken as we rode around and will post those for you. Soon we were all getting hungry, so we rode over to the restaurant where we have eaten before. While not cheap, the food is excellent, the beer was cold, and the chips and freshly made salsa were very tasty. More pictures for you. :) With a huge grin on his face, our friend, Gilbert, made the observation during lunch that, "It doesn't cost much to live down here but you have to be in shape" as he patted his tummy. Gilbert has a great sense of humor and entertains all of us with his wit. He is a great guy.

With our hunger fully abated, we rode into a stiff headwind, back to the ferry.

It was a little after 2:00 PM when we arrived back at our RV. Everyone was tired and ready to relax, so we unloaded the bikes and I put the truck bed cover back in place before going inside.

We found a card in our door from friends we had met last year in San Antonio. It was Bob & Janet, from Georgia. They have sold their home and their business, retired and joined the ranks of us other folks who travel the country in our RVs.

I jumped back on the bike and rode over to the site where they were parked in their beautiful motorhome, but they were out for a walk. This time I left our card in their door to let them know we were home. It wasn't long before they drove over to see us and we had a nice visit, catching up on all the happenings in their lives and the big changes they have made in their lifestyle since we were together last year in San Antonio.

After Bob & Janet left, Marilyn heated up some of the left over "whatchagot stew" and we ate that while watching a new show called "Duel".

It wasn't long before I was in bed and I remember turning out the light a little after 9:00 PM.

I slept great but am awake early this morning. I have softball practice today and the weather is supposed to return to the normal high 70's to low 80 degree range.

Well folks, it is the beginning of another wonderful day here in the valley. Yesterday was a fine adventure with good friends and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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