A view of the beautiful mountain right behind the RV park, early...

The Overland Trail RV park office

One morning we wokeup to brrrrrrr cold and frost ! What the...

Ft. Davis Cmdr's house. The fort is THE BEST restored cavalry fort

Officers house row, young married officers lived here.

A better view of officer's row

through the porches all the way down the row. neat huh?

Rebecca drove out of the RV space in Clint and onto the Interstate then kept going and going and going till we got to Ft Davis. She drove the whole way from space to space. At total of 290 miles! That's a feat for any budding RV rig driver. Dave's likes it as he gets to sightsee while she drives.

As many of you know for Rebecca's retirement she received an very big, delicate, powerful, computerized, telescope. We have been trying to learn about stargazing and the universe since. So as very, very amature astronomers we wanted to go to a real observatory to se what the big guys and gals do. This McDonald Obsevartory is world reknown for many resons. We paid a small fee to join the nightly stargazing feature and along with about 15 other people we saw many things through really big scopes. We went away with high hopes of our own for future sightings. At 7000 ft elevation the sky was soooo dark and clear, and cold too I might add, the whole sky was lit with billions and billions of tiny lights. If you are interested in stargazing, go to www.astronomy.com or www.nightwatch.com and learn about our universe.

The next day was very cold about 29 degrees in the a.m. burrrr we thought we'd left that kind of weather behind! For Dave's birthday we went to the actual Ft Davis a restored cavalry fort that was active for about 40 years. It was really impressive and yes it was cold there too. geeeezesh. We parked our rig at the Overland RV Park and campground. A small place and we're the only ones there. Not crowded this time of the year.

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