This is what we looked like parked in their backyard. plenty of...

A view from the street, hope the neighbors don't mind.

Emma in a new outfit for Christmas

Emma in another new outfit for Christmas

Arrived at the Untalan's about 12 p.m. the new aluminum wheels had arrived. So the task was to setup the coach and get the wheels and tires switched around. Because we have only one trailer jack heavy enough to carry the trailer weight it was tricky to do this. Dave and Rebecca put their heads together and figured out how to do 2 wheels at a time. Hopefully, the tire shop would be cooperative, too. When all was said and done, all four tires had been switched by 5:00 p.m. The work was done by Competition Tire and Wheel in Sierra Vista, AZ owned by Leo a friend of the family.

Otherwise, the weekend was full of visiting and eating! The first night went to dinner at a Pizza Hut that has the new bistro pizza. If you remember from our trip to Alaska, we went fishing with Jay, Sarah and Emma in Fairbanks area. This is Jay's parents and as it happens, Emma is visiting at this time. What a cutie and a wonderful little spirit she is. With so many medical problems and nothing holds her back. Jay has accepted a job in Corpus Christi, TX so little Emma is staying with grampa and gramma till they get settled in the new home. The weekend was a nice way to relax for us to be around friends. Then it was off to Texas on Monday the 10th....

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