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Classy and her Posse

Just hangin out with the Girl Scouts

Hangin' with Mom and Pop


Classy was an Overo Paint. She was very intelligent and always knew how to win everyones heart. She would know that when we would come to the barn that we would have treats. She would search our pockets and smell our hands and not give up til we gave her some. Grandma always had some carrots. Her stall had to be cleaned all the time. She would not tolerate a dirty home. Of course she was lucky enough to have found a mother(Chrissy) who would also not tolerate a dirty stall. They seemed to be soul mates as they got along from the very beginning. Talking to each other in ways most would not be able to understand. Classy would just walk out of her stall while cleaning and walk around close by investigating everything. She would look for a bale of hay or sometimes a treat was found in her brush box. She would not think of taking off though. Her curiosity would get her into trouble at times getting too close to other stalls and causing some jealousy cause she was wandering around the barn. What a beautiful lady she was and her spirit and love touched many people. Classy Mama taught us alot and will have a place in our hearts forever. A jewel among horses that will forever shine on.

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