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It was more by accident than choice that I ended up staying in Rimini, I was heading for San Marino but thought I would stay in Bologna and travel from there. However, after booking the train to Bologna I went on t'internet to book a bed in Bologna and couldn't find a bed for much under 50 pounds or a room for less than 100. A search in Rimini found me a single en-suite with tv for 25 quid a night - sold. The room was fine but I was fuming about the tv for 10 minutes as there wasn't one. I was hoping to get the Newcastle game live but it wasn't to be. Then I had a lie down and saw the tv almost stock to the ceiling. I had to stand on a chair to change the channels but it didn't have any sports channels.

Rimini seafront in December is a sad place, devoid of life, bereft of activity, just a howling wind and intermittant snow. I felt for the eternal optimist manning his shooting gallery, the local kids had the run of the amusements most of which were forlornly flashing away to a non-existant clientel. Meanwhile, Rimini has a 12 month a year city attached to it which I wandered into and found it actually very pleasant lots of festive lights and shopping going on and lots of bars playing football matches, all bloody Italian games. I had to settle for taking my vino back to my room and following the match on GPRS.

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