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Yesterday began in a normal manner, except that we had clouds and it appeared that it might rain at any time. The rain failed to appear and the clouds soon parted, giving us sunshine and temperatures which reached 74 degrees for a short time. The wind blew pretty hard all day keeping it cool enough to wear a sweat shirt outdoors.

I made some phone calls to my nephew, Danny, and to several friends, Dave and Dennis, to say hello and apologize for missing their birthdays. We had a nice visit with each one of these good folks.

After our morning coffee we needed to make a trip to the grocery store and that required a stop at the bank to pick up some cash. This is when the Grrrr factor first appeared. :)

I parked the truck in the bank parking lot and walked to the door of the Texas State Bank, only to discover that the bank itself is closed on Saturdays. The drive through, called a "motor bank" here in Texas, was open, so that was my next option. Grrrrr

You cannot get to the motor bank if you are in the bank parking lot. You must exit the bank property, return to the street, and then turn into the motor bank entrance. I did that with a minimum of fuss but the motor bank, which has 5 lanes and a 6th lane for ATM users, had every lane packed with at least three vehicles lined up in each lane. Grrrrr.

Only once in a while would a vehicle leave. It seemed to be more like a parking lot than a drive through bank. Grrrrr.

I finally turned the motor off while waiting, and that was a signal for the cars in front of me to move up, so I had to re-start the motor, move forward 20 feet and wait some more. Grrrrr.

Once we had moved forward far enough it was easy to see the reason why the traffic was moving so slowly. The bank had only two tellers on duty for the five lanes of vehicles. Grrrr.

Finally, cash in hand, we left the bank and discovered that we could only turn right which was in the opposite direction we wanted to go. Grrrrr.

Driving around the block gave us an opportunity to see stores and places of business that we had not seen before and we soon arrived at our original destination which was the HEB grocery store. No place to park! Every parking spot was taken and loose grocery carts were everywhere! Grrrr.

I pulled out onto the street and found a place to park near the grocery store parking lot and we walked to the store. I grabbed a grocery cart outdoors, only to discover that someone had blown their nose on the handle. Grrrrrr. I wiped off my hands and the handle of the cart, making a mental note not to touch my face until I had a chance to wash my hands.

Of course the grocery store was packed with shoppers, many with little kids tagging along, but most were polite and we had no problems finding the things we needed.

Checking out with a cart full of groceries was another matter, and this is one of my pet peeves. Why do the stores have 10 or 15 check out lanes, but only open 3 or 4 of them?

People were lined up once again, wanting to check out. Sometimes the lines of people waiting to check out were creating traffic jams, blocking the lanes for the people who only want to go down another aisle. Grrrrr.

At last we were done and had the groceries loaded in the truck. I wanted to get the truck fueled up but decided that my fun meter had pegged out so we headed home. :)

Once back at the RV we unloaded the groceries, and began to relax once again.

Marilyn prepared her shrimp, onions, celery, garlic and cheese dish for lunch.

Gilbert dropped by to bring me some software for the computer and we enjoyed his visit. Later, Irene dropped by to bring us a movie to watch. Life is good again with nice weather, good friends, good food and a relaxing life style here in the resort.

It was a relaxing evening with a little TV, a good book, and the company of my sweet bride of more than 45 years. A great way to lower the stress of the Grrr factor.

Much of the Grrr factor I write about is simply normal life for folks out there in the real world. I admit that us full-time RVers do live in sort of a fantasy world where people are kind and considerate, and life is simple, relaxing and peaceful. Much of the Grrr factor I write about is done "tongue in cheek" but you do get the idea. :)

Well folks, it is time to sit with Hon and have our morning coffee. The sky is clear this morning and we are going to Mass with Dan & Pat. Life is good and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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