Mark and Vicki 2007/8 Brasil Trip travel blog

Just a casual dinner in a local restaurant

Arrival in Sao Paulo by Underground !!

Lula. The President of Brasil at Nicki's Brasilian Airforce pilot graduation

Airforce Academy. Passing out parade. Nicki, Vicki's nephew, was 3rd.

Proud parents and sister.

The graduate with fighter pilot girlfriend. Wow.

Porto Alegre will be the furthest south in Brasil that we will go. We, once again by long distance bus, travelled from Porto Alegre on an allnighter. These buses are incredible; they are all Mercedes and beautifully maintained, clean headrests every trip, spotless washrooms(always check where the washroom is before booking your seat) and even a small bag of cookies given to each passenger as the bus leaves the terminal. The Terminals themselves are huge with many competing bus lines, with uniformed ticket sellers showing one a seat plan of the bus and which seats are occupied (all on the computer screen). There is also a fridge at the rear with bottles of water if so required. Not a live chicken, no-one on the roof and no cooking fires in the aisle. Fantastic. This trip was back to Curitiba to meet with; here we go again; Vicki's sister's husbands'sister and her husband and the wife of another brother of Vicki's sisters husband........I think just 'another relative' will do in future to all those who are unlucky enough to have signed up to read this 'blog'. On our previous stay in Curitiba we had a room where a cat could be swung at The Condor Hotel. Having a room at The Hotel New Lisbon in which no kitten could be swung was a cheaper option. By the time one has done ones laundry, been to the feira to buy bread and cheese, been back to the bus depot to book ones forward move, had ones pedicure, hey.... why not? we are on holiday.... and admired the buildings and the people we are 'on the road again'

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