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Yesterday was another enjoyable day here in the valley. Marilyn and I had our morning coffee, called my sister, Patricia (Pat), to talk for awhile, and then went for a walk. Marilyn's foot was bothering her a bit so she suggested we return to the RV and get the bikes for a ride around the park. We did that and had a nice bike ride, stopping to check on Pat Sullivan to see how she is feeling. We visited with Dan & Pat for a little bit and then went back home so that I could grill a marinated pork loin which has been in the fridge waiting for me to find time to put it on the grill.

When the pork loin was nearly done, Marilyn cooked up some potatoes and onions to have with the meat. Yummy!

By the time we finished our late lunch, the sun was trying to peek out and the temps climbed into the 70's.

Later in the afternoon we wandered around on our bikes, visiting with Dan & Pat, Doug, Carl & Linda, Heinz & Irene, Ted & Sue, and Gilbert & Louise. We had all made a decision not to drive to Hidalgo for the Christmas light show. Instead, we ended up on the patio of Heinz & Irene, solving all of the worlds problems, and had a very nice evening.

One thing which continues to amaze me in this lifestyle, is that I go from day to day just enjoying life and frequently don't even think about what day it is. That means that it is easy for me to miss birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This morning I got my little book out and looked at the calendar. It was then that I realized I had missed the birthdays of my nephew, Dan, and friends, Dennis and Dave. I owe all of you guys a phone call at least and you will hear from me today. It isn't that I have "senior moments", although that does happen more frequently than it used to. It is just that our lives are lived "in the moment" and it isn't important to remember what day it is. Many of the full timers don't even wear a wrist watch, but I can't do that. I tried, taking my watch off and placing it in a dresser drawer, announcing very proudly that I was no longer a slave to any clock or watch. That lasted for a day or two and then I had to put it back on. It just drove me crazy and I was always looking at my wrist. I may try it again some day but for now I am trying to ignore only the calendar. :)

We used to be so organized and never missed any important date, always sending cards on time, etc. Now we are simply oblivious to dates written on our calendar because we don't even look at the calendar often enough to take care of the details we used to find so important. We still love all of the people whose names are dotted on the pages of our calendar, but we simply don't pay attention to it.

On a different subject, I was awakened by rain coming down around 3:00 AM. We were sleeping with our bedroom windows open once again, so I sleepily moved my arm until I had it against the screen, felt no rain coming in, and went back to sleep.

Everything is wet this morning but the sky is clearing and it looks to be another wonderful day in paradise. We have no set plans for this day and will just take life as it comes. I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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