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Since I try to write about the everyday life of a full-time RVer, I have an opportunity to tell you about a typical "bad weather" day.

Yesterday we awoke to an outdoor temperature of 51 degrees. I was still in the recover mode from this head cold and called Ron, asking them to not pick me up for softball practice. I am almost well again but I knew that it would not be wise to go play ball in 50 degree weather.

Marilyn & I had our morning coffee as usual but stayed indoors with our fireplace on. Heinz and Gilbert, out for their morning walk, dropped off some home made cookies, which we enjoyed during the day. They were really good!

I did get outside to take care of a few normal maintenance items around the RV. I dumped the holding tanks, connected a quick connect hose connection, replaced the cabinet door latch I have mentioned before, relaced a battery in a wall clock, and retrieved a few items from the basement storage area. OK, chores done. Time to play.

Marilyn took the truck to do some laundry and she returned just as I finished my chores. I helped her carry the laundry inside and put clean linen on the bed.

Marilyn wanted to sit in front of the fireplace and read her latest book, so I rode the bike over to Dan & Pat's place. Pat is coming down with the darned head cold which has been going around. I hope she didn't catch it from me.

I asked Dan if he would like to go shoot some pool and he was ready for that. He suggested that he come pick me up in the golf cart, after getting a bite of lunch.

Dan & I played pool for several hours. I did better this time but shooting pool is like playing golf. If you don't play regularly you hit a good shot followed by a bad shot, etc. Simply no consistancy in your game. That's the way we played but we had a good time.

The pool room is also a card room and groups of men were playing cards at tables along one side of the room.

I noticed a few hardy souls playing tennis, some people, although fewer in number than normal, were walking or riding their bikes around the park, the computer room and the library at the resort were also being used, as was the room where people can go to work puzzles and play games. There are dance classes, a woodworking shop, and many other activities taking place all the time, so there is no lack of activity to join in on at any time.

I suppose that many people decided to get out and go shopping but I try to avoid that type of activity at any cost. Shopping is my least favorite thing to do, or nearly so. :)

After the pool games, Dan dropped me off at home where Marilyn was still engrossed in her book. I sat down to join her and started a new book I had picked up at the library earlier in the day.

So that is pretty much what life is like on a day without sunshine, here in the valley.

We should have no complaint about our temperatures being in the 50's, when back in Missouri and in other places they can't even get above freezing.

We are so happy to be living this life style and to be here in the valley where life is so simple and relaxed. Even on a cool, cloudy day, life is good, and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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