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Hello to all of you loyal readers. I want you to know that I thought about all of you all day yesterday. It was very frustrating to me not to be able to write my daily journal entry. They have told us that the wi-fi will be operational today, but I have gone to the computers in the library at the resort to be able to get this entry written. I can wait no longer.

Yesterday was a good day. I was feeling a little better but am not at 100% yet. Most all of our friends here dropped by at one time or another to ask about me and that was appreciated.

Normally, Wednesday evening is our night to attend the buffet dinner here in the resort, as a group. However, the menu didn't sound all that good, so Ted & Sue, along with Dan & Pat, decided to drive over to the Elks for the Wednesday night spaghetti dinner. Gilbert & Louise, Heinz & Irene, Marilyn & I rode our bicycles and Carl & Linda rode in their golf cart, to attend the buffet dinner here at the resort. It was quite good. They had tilapia which was the best I have ever tasted. My mouth waters even now just thinking about it. They also had steak or chicken fajitas which were very good, a Mexican bean soup, mashed potatoes, vegetables, rice, a salad bar, and dessert. It was all excellent once again. At a cost of $8.00 per person, it was even better.

When we left the Rec Hall after dinner we received a shock. The temperature had dropped about 20 degrees while we were having dinner, and it felt cold outside, even though it was actually in the middle 60's. We wasted no time riding our bikes back home.

We watched a little TV, slept with the windows closed, and awoke this morning to find the outside temp at 53 degrees. Too cold! Our fireplace would have worked nicely to warm the place up but we used our electric heater just because we can set the thermostat to a given temperature. We set it for 70 and left it alone.

This morning as I was trying to get the internet to work (No luck), Heinz and Gilbert came by on their morning walk. They stopped to drop off some delicious cookies, made by Heinz' mother. Very tasty with our morning coffee.

Well friends, we hope to have our wi-fi working later today and tomorrow I can write to you from the comfort of our little home on wheels. In the meantime, I'll just say: God bless each one of you, stay warm and comfortable, and I'll see you later.

I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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