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Saturday night when we got back to our Sydney hostel, the same one we stayed in when we got to Australia, we had signed up for a 8 bed mixed dorm room. Boy was that ever a mistake. I think all the people in that room were living there, staying for an extended period and they all slept all day and partied all night. That was not so bad, but what was bad was how the guys had their clothes thrown all over the room. I never did see any of the guys because we left in the morning before they got up and was not home at night when we went to bed, so I guess it could have been worse, but I was very glad that we were heading to New Zealand and a camper van of our own, only one more hostel for the rest of the trip!

Saturday night we went to this great Japanese restaurant and splurged. We had been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pasta and things like that, which were not bad, but I just needed to splurge a bit. Seemed like we did that on the last night that we were in a country. So we had a great dinner and headed for bed.

Sunday morning we took a train to the Blue Mountains. I was not too thrilled to be going, I just was not in that great of mood. But once we got there, one of our first stops was Cupid's Cupcake house. The best cupcakes I have ever had. We even went back at the end of the day and bought two more for the road.

We bought a ticket on a bus that takes you around to all the highlights in the area. There was some great scenery. At one stop we saw this guy climbing a straight up and down, sheer rock mountain, all by himself. To me that would be so scary, but of course Frankki thought it would be great!

We went on a long hike and saw all kinds of waterfalls and rain forest areas as well as some neat animals. We saw what we thought was a porcupine, rooting and digging in the earth looking for something to eat. He didn't care if we were there or what, he just kept digging.

We ended the day by talking to this very interesting older guy who owned a used book store and had all kinds of goddess books on his shelves. Then we headed across the street and had some Australian wine on a hotel patio while we waited for our train. All in all, it was a great day in a beautiful location.

But yikes, we had one more night in that awful dorm room. Well, needless to say, we made it and the next morning we headed for the airport and our short flight to New Zealand.

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