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Although I came here primarily to see Pompeii, I was less impressed with this site than Herculeneum. Pompeii is huge, street after street of it but it is mainly ruins and gets very samey quickly. I guess I was disappointed that there were not petrified bodies in every corner, in fact most of them are stuffed onto shelves in a caged storage area - very dignified. In amongst the "ruins" there are some much more interesting buildings but I found it difficult to work out where they were going to be. Two places that stood out were the recently reopened Roman Baths and a building that I initially took to be part of a monastery. It was a small place with 5 cubicles each with a solid bed, when I realised all of the painings above the doors were erotic I guess it must have been the local brothel.

I ran out of daylight before I ran out of streets to explore, just finding the old stadium and theatre complex before night closed in. Oh and a big duh for me, I'd been playing with my camera on the way from Herculeneum to Pompeii and as I took my last picture at the exit realised that I had taken every photograph in "email" mode - 840x620, so I hape I don't have any potential award winners in there.

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