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My main purpose in coming to Naples was to visit Pompeii and Hurculeneum but I did get to see some of Naples too. The city has a bit of a reputation for it's seedy side and I can see why but it also has some very nice areas and buildings. I arrived after dark and my first taste of Naples was the metro line 3 which has to be the scruffiest, shabbiest metro line I've travelled on. To get to the hostel I had to change to line 1 which was a complete contrast, new and clean. However, the main street above wasn't somewhere I wanted to spend too long carrying my bags, fortunately I quickly found the hostel and went for a walk around the area. The main street wasn't too bad and was in full christmas market swing but I didn't wander too far down any of the narrow and dark side streets which looked menacing. I was just thinking about finding something to eat and was at the far end of the street from my hostel when I realised that everything had shut. There didn't seem to be any warning, one minute it was busy the next everthing was closed and all of the normal people had gone home leaving me to make my way back through the tramps and druggies. THe only food I could find at this time was my old friend the Big M.

After spending all day in Herculeneum and Pompeii during my only full day there I had to run around getting all the photographs I wanted to take in daylight before catching my train out to Rome.

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