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Still from Homewood Suites in Brentwood, Tennessee.

I'm sure that you have gleaned that there must not be a whole lot going on in our lives lately, at least not much worthy of chatting about in this forum. Yes, there have been a few tidbits, for which I will do a catch-up.

Vicki's Dad has continued to recover, even to the point that he went back to work yesterday, starting his new 4-day a week work schedule. We'll play that by ear for awhile before we form any judgments as to whether that cutback from a full 5-day a week schedule is sufficient. As I wrote in a couple of entries ago, we all now better understand that it is important to him that he continue to work some......the trick will be to strike the balance that provides him that relief & self-fulfillment without being a physical burden to himself.

We have continued to move the process along towards trading our motor home. Our new Phaeton is scheduled to hit the first stage of the production line a week from today, on 12/18....at 8:30 AM to be precise. My saleslady has sent me a copy of the production schedule, with the hour & minute that it is scheduled to hit each station along the production line.

If anyone is interested, check-out this link for another person's diary of how their new Phaeton went through production from start to finish, including time & pictures/videos of each step along the way. That diary is for a 2007 36' QSH, whereas ours will be a 2008 36' QSH. The changes are very minor, so it is very relevant.

The schedule which I have, which I understand is typically very reliable at this point, calls for ours to be in Weld, Chassis Paint & Wiring on 12/18 & 12/19. We will then enter the main production line at 6:00 AM on 12/20, to go through Stations 1-11 of 19 on 12/20 & 12/21. It will then sit while the factory is on Christmas break until 01/02/08, when it will continue through Stations 12-19 on 01/02/08 & 01/03/08.

We plan to be there for the factory re-opening on 01/02/08 to continue through the Labor Room with our new baby. After our baby is at an appropriate point, we might adopt another one that we can follow through the process if we can find a similar unit on the right schedule.

After Station 19, it is ready to be painted at Tiffin's separate campus in a nearby town. After Painting, there are then a few more trim items to be installed in Final. Throughout the process & after Final, the Quality Control people are watching for & correcting any issues that they find. This whole Paint, Final & QC process takes about a week.

The new coach will then be driven the fifty or so miles to the dealership, where they will then do typical dealer prep & install a couple of things that we have asked for. Then, somewhere around 01/24/08, Vicki & I will be in Sherman, Mississippi to move out of the Bus & move into the Phaeton. In the meantime, we have a quick trip planned by air to visit son Kevin & his family in Los Angeles 01/18 - 01/22.

If any of you readers are so lucky (IMHO) to own a Tiffin product (or a prospective owner, or just want some good motor home owner reading) & are not already familiar with it, I highly recommend that you check out Tiffin RV Network. It is a GREAT owner's forum for Tiffin products.

I have learned soooooo much from the comments & questions of other Tiffin owners. From reading lots of comments there, I am all the more certain that we have made a great selection of product & dealer. Now, that is not to say that everything will be perfect, but I am totally confident that I have the best dealer & manufacturer for whom I could hope to resolve any issues that do arise.

Long-time friend & reader Donna has reminded me in recent days that I should temper my excitement, reminding me of the nightmare of my last experience of buying a new recreational vehicle. That was the Fleetwood Prowler 5th wheel trailer that we had before we bought the Bus.

That P.O.S. (pardon the implied French) experience was enough to cause Santa Claus to ask for a refund....oh yea, I forgot, if he had, nobody at Fleetwood would have cared!!!!!! Ohhhhh, the war stories I have from that experience, all negative.....enuff said!!!!

We have spent time catching-up with family, doing several things including keeping grandchildren Micah & Isabel overnight last Friday while their sister Joelle had a 6-y/o overnight birthday party. We went with son Brian & his family to their church's Christmas pageant Sunday night. We have shopped, we have wrapped presents, we have eaten, we have gone to dentists & doctors.....& we have blown some time.

Vicki commented a couple of days ago that she is ready to get back on the road.....the technical term for that is "hitchitch". We are staying here until 12/27, then we will be moving back into the Bus to roll down towards Alabama & Mississippi for the next several days after that for the Grand Event. I considered sending birth announcements, but maybe I'll just use this forum for the appropriate communication.

I'm still holding conclusion on the merits of being in "stick" housing, albeit a nice hotel suite, for this month or so. The experience this year is somewhat flavored by the almost-month that we sat at Vicki's parents. While they are two separate events, the bottom line is that we will have been off of the road for almost two solid months. That is what I think we have both grown a little bit weary of. We'll see what our thoughts are in a few months before making plans for next year's Thanksgiving & Christmas season.

That is all of the tidbits that I can recall of interest from the past several days.

Whether your recent days have been unpleasant, magnificent or somewhere in-between, I truly hope the next days are better. We all know it, but sometimes it is good to remind ourselves......Life is maybe 5-10% what happens to us & 90-95% how we react to it.

I hope that you choose to react for the betterment of yourself, your family & everyone else around you.

As much as I have tried, I just cannot close without saying one more thing. I have been listening to a lot of Christmas music as I go about the past several days in the Jeep, but for some reason just being still while writing this & playing Amy Grant & Martina McBride Christmas CD's (both religious & secular tunes) on the laptop has been such a blessing to me.

I know that I have so much for which to be thankful. I know it, I realize it, & I think about it everyday. There are other things that are on my mind & heart everyday which I don't share in this forum, other things that have been heavier in recent weeks than I would like for them to be.

May I just say that I always appreciate moments as I have experienced here tonight. Thanks for allowing me to minister to myself while thinking that I was sitting-down to bang on this keyboard, but really to have the moments to listen to what has been coming back to me from beneath the keyboard.

Enjoy your moments.

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