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Pat & Carl

Sue & Ted

Trying to take the food order


Gilbert telling a story

The gang (At least that is most of them)

A view of Pepe's


Ted and Dan

Sue & Ted

The "gang"

From the other end of the table

Heinz & the Waitress

Ed's turn

Now it's Gilbert's turn

Yesterday was another typical winter day here in the valley. Warm, sunny and breezy. The high temperature during the day was 82, which is near perfect. The gusty breeze kept things very comfortable, especially in the shade. Marilyn and I had our morning coffee outdoors, sitting in our lounge chairs, watching the people going by, walking their dogs, riding bikes, jogging, or off on an adventure in their golf cart, truck or car.

Still fighting this cold, I stayed pretty close to the RV and didn't do much all day.

Later in the afternoon I rode the bike down to Dan & Pat's but noticed that the truck was gone, so I continued down the street and saw Heinz, Gilbert and Carl sitting in the shade visiting. I declined the offer of a cold drink but stayed to visit with these good friends. Dan then drove by, saw us, and joined us after parking his truck. I made sure that Dan had the directions to Pepe's on the River because all six couples in our "gang" were going there and Dan has never been before.

Gilbert & Louise rode with Heinz & Irene, while Carl & Linda rode with us as we left early to do a little shopping at Camping World. After shopping we continued to Pepe's and had just been seated when Ted & Sue arrived with Dan & Pat. Great, now the whole "gang" was together again.

We enjoyed our time together, laughing and talking, sometimes singing along with the live band. Good food, good friends, live music, and cold drinks. Aaahhh, it doesn't get any better than this!

I have pictures to post for you and I realize that the impression is that all we do is drink and party. While there is a grain of truth in that statement, the whole truth is that we rarely have more than two drinks in a day, sometime only one and usually none. I must be feeling guilty, looking at our pictures, to even feel the need to explain any of this. :)

What we definitely do is enjoy the company of one another and have a good time. Spending time with good friends is one of the most enjoyable benefits of this full timing life style.

When we returned to Llano Grande, Marilyn and I watched a 2 hour "Deal or no Deal" and then I went to bed. I was definitely suffering from the head cold, with my nose so plugged up that I'm not sure C4 would help.

Unable to breathe freely, I didn't sleep much last night, was up and down many times trying to blow my nose, using nasal spray and just tossing around in bed most of the night.

A glance at the clock confirms that it is just now 5:00 AM. I am up and feeling pretty miserable. No softball practice for me today!

In spite of how I feel, yesterday was a wonderful day, and today will be another great day here in the valley. I simply may not enjoy it as much as everyone else. :)

Tomorrow should be still another wonderful day and I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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