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Filling up with diesel fuel, something we haven't had to do for...

Goodbye Marios

Leaving the Rio

On the "outside" with a view of Guatemala's coast

Pulling into Puerto Escondido to anchor for the night

Looking for the perfect spot

Very tropical

The evening sun on the trees


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Anchoring for the night at Puerto Escondido

The longer you stay in one place, the more difficult it is to move on. After calling Marios Marina in Rio Dulce, Guatemala home for 5 months we finally broke free on Sat. Dec 1st to begin our next adventure.

It seemed fitting that we spend that first night away from the marina anchored out in front of Fronteras, as we did that night 5 months ago before finding our slip at Marios. Amazing how time changes perspective. Back then Fronteras was overwhelmingly offensive to me and yet now it is familiar and not at all threatening.

From the noise and busy waters in front of Fronteras we traveled a short, 15 miles through El Golfete to Texan Bay to spend a much calmer and quieter Sunday night. Monday we were anchored off Livingston, 9 ½ miles away by around 10 a.m. to meet Raul , who had prepared our exit papers based on information we had emailed him from Marios a few days earlier. Clearing out was a breeze and cost 640 quetzals, a little less than $100 US.

Traveling another 14 miles across the Bay of Honduras to Cabo Tres Puntas , we spent a somewhat sleepless night rolling about in an uncomfortable anchorage. Once we rounded the tip of land we had anchored behind the wind was in our favour and we enjoyed a comfortable trip to our next anchorage at Puerto Escondido, which had been highly recommended by several cruisers. We were in Honduras, the only boat in a little tropical paradise.

Our 3rd traveling day was even calmer than the one before and we enjoyed another blissful day, complete with our first dolphin sighting since leaving the sea last summer. By 2 pm we were anchored at Utila, the closet of the Honduras Bay Islands to Guatemala, a short 166 miles from Fronteras in the Rio Dulce.

Staying tied up at the dock for most of the summer made the journey that much more enjoyable. Part of the fun of the lifestyle is the actual traveling on the boat and when conditions are as perfect as those we enjoyed coming here it is pure heaven. To travel such a short distance and suddenly drop anchor in the Caribbean Sea with a view of the island off the bow and a view of the enormous mountains of Honduras off the stern is quite remarkable.

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