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Sunrise as seen from our patio

Heinz offering advice?

Installing the lights

Louise does a great job with the food

More food

Cheese or fruit anyone?

Louise and Irene

Gilbert and Ed

Ed, Dan & Heinz

Sue and Pat

The line up!

Irene and Linda

Heinz and Carl

Yesterday was another warm breezy day here in the valley. Marilyn and I had our morning coffee indoors with a nice breeze coming in the windows. I didn't feel quite up to par so we decided to take it easy and see if I could whip this head cold. I took a Z-Pack and did very little work yesterday.

I did get outdoors in the sunshine long enough to get our bicycles cleaned up, chains and gears lubed, and the brakes adjusted. I had to take a short ride to test things out, and went down the street to say "Welcome back" to Doug & Barb, who were here last year. They are the folks who have that beautiful dog named Kemo. Jane was outdoors when I went by so I had to stop to visit with her for a moment also.

Then I returned to our RV and installed the front and rear lights on each bike, so now we are ready for night riding. We have been riding around the resort to and from the Rec Hall at night without any lights but I am not comfortable doing that.

Louise came by yesterday morning to invite us to a cocktail party at 4:00 PM. Heinz came by to visit for awhile and then Irene came by a bit later to look at a folding table we had shown to Heinz. Still later in the day, Dan came over to show us a new bike he has purchased for Pat, although I expect Dan intends to ride it as much as Pat. :)

I decided to lay down on the bed and read a bit, maybe watch some of the football game.

The next thing I knew, it was nearly half time and I had fallen asleep, missing the entire first half of the game.

I dozed off and on during the second half also, but finally got up to take a shower, hoping to feel well enough to attend the social gathering with our friends.

Just as I stepped out of the shower, Marilyn yelled, "There they are, I think."

She was watching for Carl & Linda to arrive. They are friends we met here last year and they had visited us at Mark Twain Cave Campground in Hannibal, MO, during this last summer.

I hurried to dry off and slip on some clothing, to get out and greet them, as they were parking right across the street from us. Louise had asked us to be sure to invite Carl & Linda to the cocktail party if they arrived in time, so we did that.

At 4:00 PM we drove down the street to Gilbert & Louises home, taking a couple of lawn chairs, some finger food, and a cold drink.

Gilbert & Louise hosted Heinz & Irene, Dan & Pat, Ted & Sue, Armand & Renee, Carl & Linda, and Marilyn & I, so we had quite a large group on their patio. The conversation was lively, usually two or three seperate conversations going at the same time, the food and drink were good and plentiful, and we had perfect weather. What more can you ask.

At 6:00 PM things started to break up and we headed for home. We changed into our P.J.s, ate some left over beef roast for dinner, and watched a little TV before going to bed.

It was a good day and I hope to feel better as time goes on.

I do have some pictures to post for you so I will do that, and then look forward to another day here in paradise. I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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