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Short summary. Still loving Nicaragua. Went to Catarina today, beautiful view of the lagoon. Bit of a low energy day today though. Lots of sitting admiring the view.

Had a full morning getting to Catarina (only about 6 km out of town but I couldn't work out the bus system so took a taxi in the end. Hint to anyone whose travelling reading this blog, it is one of the few times I'd say get a taxi. If you get a shared taxi, it can cost as little as $10 cordobas, but for gringos they can charge up to $70 cordobas ($50 cordobas is reasonable). The view of the lagoon is amazing. And the great thing is that there is also a breeze to break up the heat. There are stalls with crafts everywhere.

I sat and had coffee at one of the cheaper places and watched some young guys who have a horse riding business down to the lagoon. For about an hour there was a battle of wills between this horse and this young guy...It was great to watch...and the guy didn't hit the horse or anything, just spoke firmly to it and held a kinda of flag thing at the side to distract it everytime you could see it want to get rid of him.

Tomorrow I leave for Granada to meet up with Di (my sister) and Justine (Di's friend). Looking forward to catching up with them.

Granada everyone tells me is very expensive and touristy.... hmmm will be an adjustment as at the moment it is cheap, easy paced and I can go hours without seeing another gringo.

Today's other highlights, chatting away to the local superintendent (I think that is what he said) of Police.... some people just have a twinkle in their eye and Mr Policeman definetly did. And having breakfast with a woman from Costa Rica who buys furniture in Nicaragua as it is the best in Central America (the woodwork is stunning). It seems lots of central americans think Nicaragua is the place to go because it has everything and is cheaper than anywhere else.

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