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I knew there were a variety of ways to get on the internet while traveling. Now I am learning more. The most frequent way so far is to take your computer and go to a computer room and use their dial up connection. Not ideal as you can see. It has to be done at specific hours, sometimes time is limited, and you have to take your computer there. Not like just being able to go on at will in your own place. We do get spoiled.

When I went to the computer room, someone there told me if I bought a certain adapter, I could get on with a service he represents and pay for it by the day, week or month.

I will buy the adapter, but not having another vehicle to run around in or being somewhere that it is easy to walk or bike to stores makes things more difficult.

In fact, I am learning more about where I should be located. The RV park in Palm Springs was ideal. I could walk or bicycle to anything in the vicinity.

I had made reservations to stay two weeks in Apache Junction and two in Tuscon, but I saw by the time I got here that this park is remote and not in a very good area. There are no sidewalks outside of the park and the roads don't have very good shoulders for bicycling.

Many of these parks actually best serve people who come here and stay for the winter rather than for a short time. Some men that I talk to say these parks have to have ten percent RVs to keep the designation of an RV park. The far greater business is serving those who have park models.

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