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Just a quick update on what is happening in the Ice Rink world, well actually not a lot! The bloody weather is keeping most of the punters away, for some bizarre reason not many people want to skate in the rain, really can't understand why. So far we are down on last years takings, I don't think we are even taking enough to cover my wages, good job I have no conscience!! I am earning more now looking after a poxy ice rink than I was, when I was responsible for multi-millions worth of equipment in the RAF!! I am afraid to say the phantom crapper has been back and left us a present in one of the portaloo's, luckily enough, again for some bizarre reason, a member of the public cleaned it up. I think we are going to need to install CCTV in the toilets to catch the culprit. I managed to get a few days off last weekend to going skiing in France. Joanne who we met last year in Val D'Isere kindly put an invite out for us to all to join her on this Atomic Boot Camp (although she is denying the invite now). It was a good 3 days considering the time of year the snow was good, although there wasn't many lifts open. The testing of the equipment was a bit of a let down as there wasn't much selection, particularly with boots and I spent 3 days in agony, which I think I managed to keep to myself and not complain about once!! I did have a bit of trouble withy one of the ski lifts, before Tom tells you all. It was one that went down and I was on with Joanne. When we came to the bottom we were still chatting and wasn't ready to get off, so as it came down and went back round I couldn't get out of the way and ended up going back up on it, much to the amusement of Tom and Dave who I passed on the way down. Oh yes and I had a slight tumble! Hope your all well and your Christmas preparations are going well. I will speak soon I have a phantom crapper to catch

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