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Yesterday began in our usual manner, with coffee and conversation. Then it was time to get busy. We had allowed our chores to go undone for too long. It is so easy to ignore things we should be doing and do the things which are more fun. Even though we do live a very relaxed life and the number of chores are fewer than when we were in the "Pre-Full-Timing" life, we do have to take care of business once in a while. :)

I helped Marilyn make the bed, then she began to sort laundry while I went outdoors to dump the holding tanks. I helped her load the laundry into the truck for the short drive to the laundry facility, which is brand new this year, and she was on her way.

I then replaced the whole-house water filter, which reqired a partial unloading of the basement storage area, tightened a loose toilet seat, and took a broken latch off of a cabinet door. I had purchased a cheaper latch to replace the more expensive one, which came installed on the coach, but decided to use the correct latch. That meant a trip to the flea market on Saturday, so that little chore is on the agenda for today.

Marilyn returned with the laundry and we got that put away, then I dried a few dishes for her and we were ready for a trip to the store. We soon returned with more than $100 worth of groceries. Hard to believe! After returning with groceries, the biggest chore is always finding a place to store them. Storage space does tend to be pretty small once in a while. :)

At last, we were ready to return to the normal, relaxed mode. We took our books and a cold drink outdoors to the lounge chairs. The warm temperatures and the brisk breeze made things feel nearly perfect and I soon closed the book and my eyes, for a short nap.

We were hosting a cocktail party at 4:00 PM so that our new friends could meet Heinz & Irene. Gilbert & Louise were gone but Dan & Pat, Ted & Sue, Danny (From Kentucky-He is parked beside us), Heinz & Irene, along with Marilyn & I were soon engrossed in lively conversation.

When the sun went down it began to cool off rapidly so we called it an evening with hugs all around.

Marilyn & I cleaned things up outdoors, put everything away, changed into our P.J.s, grabbed the popcorn, put the movie "American Gangster" into the DVD player, and settled down for the evening.

We slept with the windows open again last night and the wind blew hard enough that there was a constant breeze across the bed. We only needed a sheet to cover us, but it was pulled up around our chins most of the night. We slept just fine, being serenaded by the sound of the palm fronds rubbing together. This is a neat sound but to some folks it sounds like two little kittens playing in a paper sack. :)

It was a fine day yesterday with some work and some relaxation, the company of good friends, and comfortable weather. These things combined to make it another day in paradise. We look forward to today and I can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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