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It was a great day with perfect weather. Marilyn and I had our coffee indoors because the early morning temp outdoors was in the upper 50's. We deemed that too cool to sit out in our lounge chairs. Later in the day the temperature reached the 80 degree mark.

Marilyn has been feeling a little bit better each day and, after our morning coffee, she began cleaning the RV. I took that as a signal for me to get out of the house for a bit. Dan & Pat asked us to go with them to look at a 5th wheel RV they were interested in, so we agreed to do that. In the meantime, Marilyn called and made an appointment for us to get haircuts.

We took things in the proper sequence, going first with Dan & Pat, to look at a "Torrey Pine" 5th wheel by Newmar. Everyone liked the side bath design in this coach. While we were at Ron Hoover's RV dealership. I looked at several class C coaches to get an idea for a trip to Alaska. I am thinking that I would like to maybe purchase a used class C coach, make the trip to Alaska, and then sell the coach when we returned. Just a thought.

When Dan & Pat dropped us off back at our coach, we waited around for awhile and then went to G. G.'s for a trim.

After the haircuts, we stopped at the bank to cash a couple of checks and then I took Marilyn back to the resort, dropped her off, and returned to town to have the truck washed. It looks like new once again!

Dan had said that we should stop by for a cold drink around 3:00, and thus began the twilight zone part of the day.

Dan & I were discussing the problems of the Middle East, each of us offering factual historical information to support our position. We agreed on the history, and used the factual information to arrive at different conclusions. I enjoy having these discussions with people who can agree on facts and yet arrive at a different point of view. While we were deep into this discussion our attention was diverted by the conversation of the ladies.

I won't even attempt to explain the subject material because much of it was way beyond my ability to discuss in an intelligent manner. We did laugh a lot and Dan & I decided that we had learned a lot from the ladies. Sometimes, however, any information is too much information. :)

Later in the evening, Ted & Sue, Gilbert & Louise, along with Marilyn & I, rode our bicycles to the Rec Hall for the weekly buffet dinner. Dan & Pat rode in their rental golf cart. :)

During dinner there was another revealing conversation about how one couple met, fell in love and married. Everyone enjoyed the conversation but it was also told in confidence.

Everyone in our group asked me how I was going to write about this day. Some laughed as they said they thought the journal entry would be the shortest on record. I whispered to Marilyn that I would simply call it the Twilight Zone journal entry. :)

Let me just say that the subject matter was of a nature which would cause embarrassment to others if I shared it in this journal. So I won't share it. I will say that this was a very enjoyable day with this fine group of good friends.

We relaxed with "Deal or no Deal" on TV, before going to bed to read, and dropping off to sleep with all of the windows open. We had spoken to Jen on the phone and she said it was 23 degrees back in northeast Missouri. Brrrrrrr.... It is hard to believe that we are sleeping with the windows open, enjoying the soft breeze blowing gently across the bed.

It was another great day here in Paradise and we look forward to another one tomorrow. You know me, I just can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.....

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