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The Edge of the World -

" I cast my pebble onto the shore of eternity

to be washed by the ocean of time

it has shape form and substance

It Is Me"

I have always thought the edge of the world is up on Mt. Everest. I had dreams of incarnating into the skin of Sir Edmond Hillary. But, today I found my own edge of the world in the far North Western corner of Tasmania. I am traveling from Arthur River to corina on the Western Explorer. The Tenere is fresh with full of new vigor and I with a fresh mind. It was a good feeling to leave Devanport for the Bush again and twsited road lifted my spirit to high levels. Empty twisty roads. Perfect bikers condition. No cars, No people just the bare landscape of country side Tasmanis. I reach Arthur River - this is where the excitement begins. About 150 km of dirt road leading from nowhere to nowhere - I can't wait. This is an exciting day.

The Tenere hits the gravel full on. We are in nutural teritory again for the machine and for me in a way. I lift my body to the pegs. The Tas dakar is full on today. I have at least four hours to go before I hit the next lttle town. If I get lost or stuck way man ??????

We are climbing to the edge of the cliff. On my right the Western shores of Tasmania the Edge of land before you hit South America (perhaps my next destination on a bike) to my left the thick forest. We are climbing - I am tight on the pegs and the back wheel floating on gravel. I want to get to the top - this can't be for long. Half way the wind picks up - still climbing we are meeting the clouds the wind picks up and my visor is wet from the rain. We keep on climbing. Can't see much around me now as this is becoming more of a Dakar rather than a coastal ride. The dirt becomes mud and the bike looks like a bush fighter. We get to the top - I stop look at the bike, look at myself. Unreal.

I follow the narrow ridge and slowly the clouds lift up and there is more bare terrain to see. The ladscape is very ragged. Bare land. Not too many trees. This is how it used to look like 100,000 years ago. I keep on pushing the bike - it has been a long day of ten hours riding on dirt and gravel. The closest I have ever been to the Edge of the World.

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