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Cotton Field

Me in Cotton

Bush in Cotton

Us in Cotton

Bush and Joe (aka Blaze) the dog at the lake

Kiaking at the lake

Mom, Bush and Lea

Mom, Janet, Aubrey and Lea being silly on the coach

Mom and Janet watching Aubrey's awesome music video

So much going on since last I entered updates! Where are we now? We are in New Orleans again! We made it back to Alabama but got a call for work back in New Orleans. We'll be here until the end of the week then back to Alabama. Looks like I won't know about a job until January so for this month I'll still be working with Bush. Bush is getting busier so it's been good. On our way traveling back to NOLA we stopped at his dad's again in Evergreen AL to bid a big tree job. It was the first time I went to a Cotton Field! It was so cool! You will see lots of pictures of that. Then for the weekend we spent it with Mom and Janet in Modoc, SC at Janet's lake house. We met up with Fred, Lea and Aubrey. Ate lots, rested, kiaked and hung out with the neighborhood dog Joe. His real name is Blaze but Janet calls him Joe because he's a cocker spaniel...get it? Joe Cocker? Any way he had this funny way of fetching a ball and then standing between Bush's legs until he'd throw again. You'll see that photo too. Aubrey made an awesome music video staring Lea for school and we got to watch it. Kudos to Aubrey....great job! We had a fabulous weekend. Mom and Janet followed us back to Lanette and met Bush's mom Irma and step dad Pastor Alan. They got to check out the camper, have dinner and then headed back and we headed to NOLA where we are now! Busy, busy, busy. Not sure where we are spending the holidays yet. Alot depends on work. Will keep you all posted. Email or call when you can and have a blessed day! love, Clarissa and Bush

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