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Yesterday was a cool, breezy day but nice enough for us to get out and about, running errands. After our morning coffee we cleaned things up, finished unpacking and had the suitcases returned to their normal stowage space in the basement. Then we decided to head for Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping. Not surprisingly, Marilyn has caught a cold and I wanted to prepare a kettle of home made beef vegetable soup for her. She took a Z-pack pill and sat around most of the day after we returned from our shopping. I took advantage of the opportunity to get out to visit with friends. I delivered Gilbert's package which arrived via Fed-Ex and we sat in the sunshine with a cold drink, talking about interesting people we have known. Louise came by our place earlier to ask Marilyn to go shopping with her but Marilyn declined, wanting to stay in her recliner with a cup of hot soup. :)

Louise took care of getting tickets for the Christmas dinner and dance for all of our group. We are all set for the festivities now. :)

During the day yesterday, Jennifer called us quite a few times to talk, and we spoke on the phone with Sherry in San Antonio, and with my cousin Joyce who lives in southern Missouri. Gordon & Juanita called and we made arrangements to meet for lunch next Thursday. Gordon & Juanita are two cyber friends we haven't met yet but they have an interesting blog on the internet. Gordon writes very well about their lives as full-time RVers. Check out their blog at www.mytripjournal.com/USAChevrolet

Jane stopped by to invite us to a cocktail party at an RV which sits on the street behind us. We visited with Jane for a while but declined the invitation due to Marilyn's cold. Gilbert stopped by early in the day and later, Ron stopped by to inform me that softball practice was going to be an hour earlier than normal this week.

So, you can see, we had a busy day, but it was wonderful.

The temperature only reached 70 degrees yesterday but it is supposed to warm up all week long.

More of our friends are arriving very soon. Heinz and Irene will be here by Friday, Carl & Linda arrive on Sunday, and several others who were here last year will arrive next week. It is going to be nice to see these good people again.

What a life!

We are social people so we have absolutely no problem with the many friends and the busy schedule with activities. There are some folks who like to be more private and that is no problem either. One of the nicest things about this life style is the total freedom to just be yourself, and to know that you are accepted for who you are. No one is looked down on for declining an invitation or for preferring privacy, but you will receive invitations to join in the activities in this life. That is for sure!

We slept with the windows closed, except for the one next to me in the bedroom. I heard the furnace kick on a few times during the night, and it has run several times since I have been up this morning. It was supposed to get down into the upper 40's last night, but is going to reach the mid to upper 70's today and gradually warm up all week.

Life in paradise is wonderful! Well folks, I will put the coffee on this morning and let my better half stay in bed as long as she likes. I am going to softball practice this morning. I can forecast sore muscles tomorrow. :)

It is going to be a wonderful day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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