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It was a busy day today. We headed for Larry's doctors appointment first. I went in with him as I wanted to hear his comments & opinion. He didn't say much, mostly listened, gave Larry a prescription for a pain reliever & an order for x-rays. Also an order for blood work which worked out great as I was also going in for blood work today myself. Just an annual checkup for cholesterol, triglycerides etc. Doc said the insurance company works in stages with x-rays coming before an MRI. Okay, even though I really wanted an MRI NOW! So, they took 6. 2 upper, 2 middle & 2 lower back. He believes it is a nerve that is pinched because of a disc issue. Anyway, his next appointment is Monday for the x-ray reading & blood work results. In the meantime, guess we will just keep him down & full of pain meds. Which he hates to take. Never has liked to take drugs & fortunately hasn't needed them much.

The weather has turned very nice with clear skies & temps around 60. After fasting all morning we were starving by noon, so we headed for my favorite 'Buffet of Asia'. Man, is it ever good! A huge selection. Then we went & got Larry a new battery for his cell phone as it hasn't held a charge very well for some time. Picked up a couple of things from the store & headed home. It was now 5pm & we have been gone since 9:30am. Isn't it amazing how exhausting this type of day is? Fortunately for us, Bonnie prepared beef & noodles for dinner. And then we had a quick game of Hand & Foot. You already know who won...

It's 9:30pm as I write this & I am going to bed very soon. I believe we are heading to Ely, NV Wednesday morning to see my parents. We plan to return Saturday. I understand we may run into a storm there & a bit of snow. We won't be taking the 5'er. It is comfortably parked at Larry's sisters & mom & dad have plenty of room. Fuel cost here is expensive! We saw it at $3.59 per gallon this afternoon. And $3.35, so guess we will fill up there tomorrow before we leave town. Thank goodness for our Ethos product. It saves us a lot of $$ month in & month out. And our truck runs great with it. Never hurts to reduce emissions either. We had our most expensive month ever in November as we made our way from the East coast to the West. Should go way down in December however. And our space rent will be wonderful! LOL

If you are a Vegas friend, we plan to see you soon. We have missed you all & can't wait to spend time with you. Give us a week or so & we will be settled in much better! These vets, doctors, dentists & all the other maintenance 'people' eat up so much time. And Larry has a bit of work to do as well. That dreaded 4 letter word! LOL

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