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Shower cake. Great job, Gloria

Steve and Al decorating the hall

Ready for the shower

Entrance decoration

Marilyn ready for fun

Jennifer looking very pretty

Karen (Marilyn's second cousin) & Marilyn

Leanne & Jan (Friends from Quincy, IL)

Sonja, Marie, Theresa & Karen (friends & cousin)

Suzi (friend from Monroe City)

Cathy Jo and Taylor

Jennifer, Cathy Jo with Taylor, and Dawn

Grandma's and future Mom

Jennifer & Joshua at end of table

Jennifer & her Dad

Al & Gloria's friends from Quincy

Steve & Jennifer and Steve's aunt Maureen

Dawn with dirty (peanut butter) diaper

Steve, Jennifer, Gloria and Al

Jennifer & Steve with the crib

Normally I write each morning , about the previous days activities, so the Sunday morning entry would be about the baby shower which was on Saturday. Indeed, I do have quite a bit to write about and many pictures to post. However, it will be one day late because this morning I was in the shower at 4:00 AM and the kids, Steve and Jennifer, picked us up at 4:30 AM to take us to St Louis, to the airport, for our flight back to San Antonio.

Obviously there was no entry this morning, so you will see it tomorrow.

OK, I'm back to finish telling you about the baby shower.

First, I have to tell you that the motel we stayed in was ok but the walls are very thin and the guy in the room next door snored really loud. That kept Marilyn awake and she was not a happy camper when we had to get up very early to go to Palmyra to decorate the place where the shower would be held. We arrived shortly after 7:00 AM and began to help decorate. Gloria had everything planned out so it went pretty quick and we headed back to the motel around 9:30.

We showered and put on clean clothing and went back to Palmyra, arriving at 12 noon, to help unload food and gifts.

The shower was very nice. Several people called and were unable to come to the shower due to the freezing rain we had that morning. Most however, made it just fine and everyone seemed to have a good time. It was nice that Jennifer had begun to feel better.

Once the shower was over we cleaned everything up, leaving the place as nice as we found it, loaded food and gifts into the many vehicles we had, and headed out to the farm to unload. The cold temperatures and strong wind caused us to get things unloaded in very short order. We want to get back home to the Rio Grande Valley!

We stayed to visit with the kids for awhile before heading back to Hannibal for a short night of sleep.

It was a good day and now we would be headed back home to the valley. I just can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.....

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