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The Crib

Crib with the rail lowered

Jen showing the little guy

Our new welcome mat

Steve & Jen with the baby's first Christmas gift

Steve & Jen

Yesterday we awoke to a really cold day with temperatures in the mid twenties. Brrrrr..

I made three trips to the continental breakfast, in my pajamas, bringing food and coffee back to the room. We were out and about before long. We had a busy morning ahead of us. We wanted to spend as much time with Jennifer as we could, but we wanted to see some of our friends also. We stopped twice to see Susie, but she wasn't working at either place we checked. We then drove to the Mark Twain Cave complex and were fortunate enough to see Jeff, Linda, Jeanne, Diamond, Sherry and Christie. Marilyn had to purchase a Christmas candle at the candle shop. :) Jeff showed us the changes they have made in the theater, which makes it easy to rent the building out for meetings, receptions, etc.

After saying goodbye to the cave crew, we drove to the local Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, before heading to Palmyra, where we stopped at Wendys for some sandwiches to take out to the farm.

Arriving at the farm, we found Steve and Al finishing up with moving the crib into the nursery. Al put a new light switch in with a neat sports switch plate cover.

Jennifer had a beef roast with all the veggies, cooking in the crock pot for dinner. We sat eating our sandwiches for lunch, while visiting with the kids.

Visiting with Jennifer was our primary activity for the day. Steve was in and out, busy with outdoor activities.

In the evening, Jennifer baked some biscuits to go with the roast beef dinner, and we all had a nice meal together. We then retired to the living room to open Christmas gifts.

Because we are so far away and will spend the Christmas holiday in the Rio Grande Valley, we decided to celebrate Christmas while we are here. The kids did a wonderful job selecting gifts for us which we could carry back in the aircraft. They did give us a set of Ka-Bob baskets which are going to be used a lot over a charcoal grill, but we can't take them with us. We'll leave them here until we get back to Hannibal in the spring.

We enjoyed our time with the kids, returning to the motel around 9:30 PM. I slept great again last night but awoke early, like 3:00 AM. Just never did go back to sleep after that.

I do have pictures to post for you today.

Oh, one of the neat things which happened yesterday was that while we were driving toward Palmyra, MO, we had a call on the cell phone and it was Stephan & Gina. They were on their way to Georgia with their RV and Stephan called to say how much they liked their new truck. We also talked about the possibility that they might spend next winter in Texas, near us. That would be wonderful because we miss these good people and it would be great to see them again.

Well, Marilyn is awake, complaining that the guy in the next room kept her awake all night snoring. The walls are rather thin here. :)

It didn't bother me. I didn't hear a thing. :)

Well folks, today is the baby shower so we have a lot to do, including the decorating, etc. I guess I should get busy. You know me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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