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Campsite at Lake Tekapo with more lakes and mountains

Wild lupins at Lake Tekapo

Wild poppies at Lake Tekapo

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NZ scenery - kauri tree sideways, N Island scenery, F Joseph Glacier...

We're now nearly at the end of our NZ bit of the trip. We've just travelled on stopping to take loads of pictures of Mount Cook from all angles & many pics of lakes - all with stunning blue water from the glaciers.

Yesterday we took a walk down to a bay where penguins nest & did see 2 wandering down to the water - but too far to take a photo. We also saw a few more seals but from a distant view point.

The area to the west of the mountains is in their rain shadow & the mountains here are totally dry. There are very wide flat valleys (miles across at times) & where the ground is good enough they have huge irrigation pipes running automatically with very good grass. Otherwise it's just dust.

The roads are slightly busier here but not too bad - one just gets used to not having any traffic around. It's been good to stop off at the wayside garages / shops / cafes to see the local produce, etc. Today was merino sheep time with quite a few big flocks, but there's mostly poll dorsets over here so it's been very homey - just HUGE flocks of them.

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