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We had a great flight yesterday and arrived in St Louis a few minutes ahead of schedule.

I recognized the DFW airport as we flew overhead, and also recognized Springfield, and Lebanon, MO, since I had flown into these places many times during my aviation career.

Our friend, Dennis Greeves, was waiting for us when we arrived in St Louis.

We knew that Jennifer had to be really sick or she would have been with Denny to meet us.

We stopped for a bite of lunch and then checked in to our hotel in Hannibal, before picking up Sonja, Denny's wife, and continuing to the farm where the kids live.

Jennifer began to cry when she saw us. She had the flu and felt terrible, but we hugged her anyway. She asked, "Why do I have to be sick when you are home? I wanted you to see me in my maternity clothes." We just hugged her and reassured her that it was ok.

Later, we walked up to the barn where Steve and Al, Steve's Dad, have built a wood working shop. They have been building a crib for the baby. We said hello to Steve and Al, and were totally blown away by the crib they have built. It is a sleigh style crib and it is awesome. I promise to post some pictures of it for you later. The craftmanship is second to none and they should be very proud of what they have done!

We didn't stay long at the farm because of Jennifer not feeling well, and the fact that we were so worn out and tired.

We stopped long enough for a sandwich before heading to our hotel room. We were in bed by 7:00 PM, but watched "Survivor" before rolling over to go to sleep. We awoke around 6:00 AM this morning, having slept for nearly 10 hours.

I wandered down the hall in my P.J.s to get us some coffee. We plan to celebrate Christmas this evening, opening gifts early, since we will be back in the valley during the holiday season.

I hope to have enough time to say hello to old friends while we are here, and we hope that Jennifer is feeling better today. We love her so much!

Every day is an adventure, and we look forward to whatever the day brings. We can deal with it, and make it as enjoyable as possible. The shower is tomorrow, but as for today, we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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