Mark and Vicki 2007/8 Brasil Trip travel blog

Mark (Vickies brother Apartment

I am finding writing this 'blog'a harder task than I expected. At the internet cafe's where I am able to write I am unable to put in any photographs which is probably a good thing since they are either of Vicki or of views that will mean nothing to you. We have actually returned to sending post cards, sure we know that that is old technology BUT hey drinking a cold Brahma and watching the world go by sitting outside under am umbrella and writing an INDIVIDUAL post card with a picture chosen especially for that person....that's technology. Writing at a keyboard, when one is a 2 finger typist with 30 percent of the keys unreadable is extremely frustrating. Lots of checking back. Also the keyboard is different from in N.America aaaaaaaaaah. From Buenos Aires to Foz do Iguasu to Curitiba and tommorrow we leave for Florianopolis has been our travel to date. I would love to add pictures of the Falls at Iguacu (if you have not heard of them look up in Google)they are stupendous and despite walking around for 5 hours in 45 degrees well worth while to see. Today we took the train from Curitiba to the coast and back to Curitiba. Very worthwhile since it was built in the late 1800's and winds its way through thick forest with the most incredible tropical plants brushing the windows. The plan is to stay in Florianopolis for a week or more before doing the family Christmas thing.

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