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Time in transit often gives us an opportunity to plan for our next destination, think back to our past travels, talk about pretty much nothing or... create lists!

Between Cesky Krumlov and Pisek we listed luxuries...

  • shaving cream (thanks Erica)

  • real towels and pillows (ie: not the ones we own)

  • chocolate at any time but especially when life on the road is tough

  • fitted sheets

  • mashed potatoes

  • non-fried vegetables

  • Heinz ketchup - last seen in Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • BBC World

  • the International Herald Tribune

  • big puffy warm jackets that cost less than $30 - thank you Tesco

  • toques and mitts

  • available seats to sit on at transit stations

  • private compartments on trains¨

  • flat water (and "gently carbonated" does not count!) that is clearly labelled in some way that an English-speaking person could make a good guess on it

  • cheap and enjoyable English books

  • drinkable milk that has to be refrigerated

  • "real coffee" (see * below)

  • fast internet connections

  • soundproof rooms

  • soft TP

  • warm water to wash our hands

  • not having to wear flip-flops (or "thongs" all of you Aussies) when showering

  • European Fanta

  • clearly identified stops along transit...most important for trains

  • Turkish tea service

  • simit (Turkish cirlce bread with sesame seeds)

  • *Viennese (or "melange") coffee-fresh OJ.. best when served after a long ocean swim

  • 3 euro falafels in Vienna

  • free museums (especially when the coat check is also free and the washrooms are really clean). Notable mention, Tate Modern

  • Daylight hour border crossings

  • Passport stamps that have been lovingly placed (these include ALL of Nick's passport stamps but only half of Kyla's)

  • sandal wear (as it means no need to wash socks)

  • knowing what you are ordering when you point to something,either that you cannot pronounce on a menu, or in a display case

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