Torita's Travels 2007/08/09 travel blog

Dana & Darren

Hans & Penny

Ivan & Mrs Nicholson

The Party Stage

Chris & Tasha cutting the Rug

Rosemary & John during this mornings breakfast.

Rita checking e-mails and reading the PEI Guardian.

HayU's idea of a fun trip!

Well here we are again, both pooped after battling traffic all day. Now nicely tucked away for the night in a little campground in Malamoras, PA (I know Jay I told you Port Jarvis but I looked again and that's down the road a bit, You know Dad!)

I've got a good Internet connection so I decided to upload a few pictures of the ATI Christmas Party and our stopover last night at cousin Rosemary & John's in Concord.

We were met like two lost souls because they thought we were leaving on the 18th........ not!! But we had a wonderful time enjoying the afternoon, Dinner, Dancing with the Stars and breakfast this morning.

I have to let you know that the picture of HayU is to tell you he has recovered from PUKING all over my jacket on the first day of travel. Rosemary helped me out and ran the jacket through the washing machine.

The weather is still nippy but we're snug a bugs in the trailer.

Just before leaving I tried 4 free additions of the Guardian sent to me via the Internet. Well four has continued and I've received about two weeks of the Guardian Newspaper, I hope it continues all winter so I can see what's going on home.

Rita's reading her novel , the TVs the pits for reception, so we're going to relax tonight. Jay, I phoned Mom tonight and she's fine (as if she'd say anything else!)

Will be travelling towards Columbus. Ohio tomorrow.

If we get an Internet connection I'll report then... Please don't panic if I don't.

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