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The upper section of MacKenzie Falls

Samantha on the way to the bottom of MacKenzie Falls

Eamonn at the bottom of MacKenzie Falls

The bottom of MacKenzie Falls

Info about Hollow Mountain

View of Hollow Mountain from the bottom

View of Hollow Mountain showing our intended route to the top!!!

Lots of little lady bugs

View from the top of Hollow Mountain #1

View from the top of Hollow Mountain #2

Veni at the top of Hollow Mountain

View from the top of Hollow Mountain #3

Eamonn getting some shade on the top of Hollow Mountain

We re now entering South Australia!

Bordertown toilets, the old town jail

White kangaroos, these ones are not inbred!

The Murray River

Samantha at the Murray River

Another 7.30am start and we headed off to MacKenzie Falls. This involved some steps down to the bottom of the falls and we were feeling the exercise from the day before! The falls were very nice and a decent warm-up for the rest of the day.

Our next stop was Hollow mountain and another hike. We definitely had our doubts about our ability to do this climb but we said we'd see how things went. From where we parked you could see Hollow Mountain

and once our guide explained our intended route

we definitely started to worry! But anyway, onwards and upwards. This was a different kind of climb to the day before, much more hands on a rougher terrain, more like a real climb. Again, it was tougher because of the heat and the tiredness from the day before but the views were spectacular.

We continued on to have lunch in Bordertown. Here we saw the old town jail that has been converted into the public toilets and the White Western Grey kangaroos. Our final stop was a rest stop overlooking the Murray River before we arrived at Adelaide.

When we arrived at the hotel it was pretty horrible. It was actually a motel not a hotel and it was on Hindley Street, the sleaze street for Adelaide. We decided that this was not going to be a great way to relax so we made a few calls and switched to a better hotel.

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