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M/S Explorer Listing After Apparently Hitting An Iceberg

M/S Explorer Shortly Before Sinking (Photo by Chile Navy)

Sadly, the ship I took to Antarctica, M/S Explorer, also known fondly as the "little red ship", apparently hit an iceberg last night (See Antarctic post, November 13-20, 2006, for my expedition aboard Explorer). According to the latest news reports, all passengers and crew were evacuated to lifeboats and picked up by a nearby cruise ship. The ship is listing at 30 degrees on its starboard side near the South Shetland Islands. Hopefully, they will be able to salvage Explorer--she has a very storied past with great memories for those who have sailed with her.


According to GAP Adventures and news reports, as of 1900 GMT 23 November 2007, M/S Explorer has sunk. For all those who sailed safely with Explorer, she will be missed. I for one will forever cherish the memories of my ten day expedition to Antarctica aboard the "little red ship". The GAP Adventures flag that flew on Explorer's bow (which I purchased at auction) is probably now one of the few remaining original items from the ship (If you look closely at the first photo, you can see the red GAP Adventures flag on Explorer's bow).

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