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I hatched a plan last night, Plan C I believe, I'm fed up of the incessant rain in these parts so I decided to hightail it down to Tirana today, getting there in one day is going to take some luck and many bus changes so I set my alarm and got up very early. Of course when I got up I found clear skies and a sunny morning so I reverted back to Plan B (Plan A was the Crimea) and moved an hour from Kotor out to Budva on the Montenegrin coast. I got out of Kotor just in time as a huge cruise ship turned up, I didn't hang around long enough to see what nationalities it was going to disgorge on the town.

Similar experience with finding a room, this is the town with the hostel but without a map and no signs anywhere when someone asked me if I needed a room as I walked out of the bus station I had to take a look. I'm now in a modern flat, double bed, sofa and balcony this time, 10 euros again.

The sun has stayed out all day, I even took my fleece of and sat on the beach with an adopted dog for half an hour. I then took a walk for a few miles up the coast, the dog got bored and left me when I turned round to come back. There is another walled old town here, seems like you can't have a town here if there isn't an old walled section. For a change the impressiveness level has dropped, it's a quaint one but I reckon Frances Drake would have bowled it over in an afternoon.

I got something in my camera lens here and have a ghost seagull on many pictures for the next few days until I dropped the camera and moved it.

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