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No seriously it has to be typed in all caps because it was ridiculous. Not Seminaire D'integration ridiculous in its own right. It all started with a long bus ride (what good adventure in Europe doesn't?) to some small town 200km south of Koln (big city in Germany). Now when I say small town I also mean small streets and we were traveling in the luxury on our coach bus. So after a few near misses with poor cars parked along the side of the street we managed to scrape all the way along one side a car and then the bus just kept driving... only in Europe? We then came to a corner that couldn't be traversed because there was a car parked in the way (oh ya its 2am at this point). Problem? No problem! We got the whole team off the bus and proceeded to lift said car onto the curb and back it up a ways, unfortunately we also managed to wake up an angry old German man who proceeded to share his thoughts with us in very loud and hilarious German. Okay it probably wasn't hilarious for him. Anyways after the car moving debacle it was decided that the team would walk the rest of the way to the school for fear of similar incidents. This in itself however was also no small feat because the city is in the mountains so you actually have to walk up huge hills (with your suitcases) to go anywhere.

We got to the school and found out we were staying with students. I thought okay no prob, crash on someone's couch for a couple days. No no no, 12 students were staying in one student's flat. I got lucky and ended up having to share a bed with 4 other girls

(only), but lots of people just had to sleep on hard tiled floor in this one apartment. Oh ya and there was only one bathroom for 13 us.

The actual tournament was really cool. 20 business schools from 8 countries (how they fit all the egos in one room I will never know!). There was football, basketball, volleyball, rowing, running, and cheerleading. I think we all know which one was the best attended haha. I guess in Europe women don't play sports at all so the football was terrible. Oh and I'm probably the least attractive person in the world to all French people because I can actually play.

On my team I had 2 players that had never kicked a football (one of which was our goalie) and then a few that had only done it once or twice. We actually ended up doing really well considering and other than getting our butts handed to us by this amazing Spanish team. We came in second, definitely check out the pictures of our glorious cup on FB. The weird part is that upon coming back to France everyone keeps congratulating me for winning the tournament for EDHEC but we didn't actually win. Maybe it's a French pride thing? Oh and there may have been a bit of show boating. But that's like required in international competitions. So I'm not saying I did but I might've pulled my jersey over my head and did an airplane after a particularly good goal. It was really good okay!

Oh and in true European style there were amazing discos every night until 5am with... FREE BOOZE! Unlimited free booze you could probably define school in Europe with those three words. And maybe the word glorious. Just saying. Unfortunately unlike in France the food was terrible! And I'll admit I'm pretty spoiled, being used to 3 course meals here in France but you should have heard the French students complain. Too Funny.

Anyways by the end of the tournament people who were ridiculously sick = Robin but it was totally worth it. I think I slept the entire bus ride home and then had to spend the next 3 days flat out on my back sick. I decided to brave the French doctors (who don't speak English!!) and I ended having to get 4 different prescriptions (which cost 30 euros!! Thank god for medical insurance!). In hindsight maaaybe all the drinking wasn't the best idea, but hindsight is always 20/20 right?

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