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Yesterday, we awoke to another sunshine filled morning. We sat outdoors with our morning coffee, watching the cloud formations and the palm trees. I had softball practice so Marilyn prepared breakfast while I was getting ready to go. After breakfast Marilyn went for a walk while I waited here for the guys to come pick me up.

While waiting, I walked down the street to visit with a new arrival. It was Jim and Jane, who were in that same site last year. They asked about Gilbert and Louise, so I explained where they were parked this year. My ride to softball practice arrived while I was visiting with Jim and Jane, so away we went.

Softball practice went ok. We had enough guys show up to divide into two teams and have a intra-squad game. There will be no practice on Thursday because of Thanksgiving.

When I returned to the RV, Marilyn suggested that we make our grocery run to Wal-Mart as she needed to pick up several other things as well as groceries.

The best time to go to Wal-Mart down here in the valley is early in the morning. The earlier the better. However, we finished our shopping with a minimum of frustration and returned home to unload groceries. With that done it was time to relax.

We sat outdoors in the shade, reading our books. I saw Sue walking toward us. She had been on a long walk and was on her way home when she stopped to talk for awhile.

She and Ted sure are nice people and we hope they stay all winter. We'll see.

While Sue and Marilyn were talking about some birds Sue had seen, it gave me the chance to sneak off and deliver something I had picked up for Dan.

I sat and visited with Dan for a while, before heading home to prepare for the cocktail party at Gilbert and Louise's place.

A few minutes after 4:00 PM, we were walking down the street carrying folding chairs and finger food.

We had a good time at the cocktail party with our friends. The fun just never stops! Come on down and join us for the winter!

We watched a little TV after we got back home, then I read until around 10:30 PM before turning off the light and falling asleep. We slept with the windows open again and sometime during the night, a strong breeze started blowing across the bed. That caused me to pull the covers up around my chin, but I went right back to sleep.

Marilyn is fixing coffee and we will probably go outdoors as soon as it is light enough.

Today, we have nothing planned, so it should be a wonderful, relaxing day. Whatever happens, it will be an adventure and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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