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Just a quick update to let you all know what I am up to, just in case someone gives a toss! After my close shave with the Croatian police, I decided it would be a good idea to stay put for a while, that's until Interpol stop looking for me and the heat dies down!! I have now moved to Oakham, Rutland and living in a rented flat for the time being whilst I look for a permanent job. I have had a couple of interviews but nothing yet as materialised, apparently the post of CEO of ICI is already taken he has no intention of leaving!! So until he does I have taken a temporary job managing an Outdoor Ice Skating Rink in Huddersfield. Yes I know you're all asking how and why? Sue my fellow Croatian fugitive an ice skating instructor was approached to see if she knew anyone who could run an ice rink, she didn't but for some daft reason she decided she owed me and put my name forward. It is good pay and the council are paying for my accommodation and a food allowance as well. So here I am jointly managing the rink with the Events Manager from Huddersfield Council. I have come a full circle as this was the place I was born. It is good to be back up North, the people are friendly and they understand me! Setting up the rink was hard work and long hours but now we have got there and it is up and running so should get easier now. I have to deal with any trouble and complaints, so far we have had a bloke who came in on an electric wheelchair complaining that the Manchester Ice Rink was bigger than ours, it was hard to keep a straight face considering he couldn't even bloody well skate. Then the inevitable just when I thought I was getting away from toilet drama's some dirty bast**d shat in the middle of the floor, in the middle of one our portaloos, so I had to go in and clean it up. There are some classy people in Huddersfield! Anyway hope your all well and will speak soon.

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