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Build ups over the valley

Beautiful to look at

The hot shrimp appetizer

The table is set

The kitchen

Louise doing something great

One of the courses

Louise and Marilyn in conversation

Yesterday morning we awoke to warm muggy weather. We had our coffee sitting outdoors. The temperature was nice but the high humidity plagued us all day.

I helped Marilyn get things straightened up in the RV and then prepared for a trip to Camping World in Mission, TX. Gilbert went with me because he also needed some things for his RV. We had a great time together. I enjoy Gilbert's company. He is one of those guys who are just fun to be around. He never lacks for something to talk about, he is interesting to listen to, and he always has a story to tell.

We found everything we wanted and more than we needed, at Camping World, but we did decide to stop at Home Depot on the way back.

At Camping World, I picked up a few things for Marilyn to use in the kitchen, but the big purchases were the tri-pod stabilizer for the pin box on the front of the 5th wheel, and a wheel chock which goes between the wheels and tightens to hold them stable.

When we returned to the resort, I dropped Gilbert off and he insisted I join him for a cold beer, so I called Marilyn and told her we were back. She could easily have walked down the street to join us but decided to stay in her lounge chair reading her book.

I finished my cold beer and said goodbye for awhile to Gilbert & Louise. When I arrived at our RV, there was a big truck parked on the street by our site and Marilyn was talking to some guy with a map of the resort in his hand. His name was Danny and he was asking how we liked the park, etc. He is parked in Corpus Cristi and is checking out the resorts down here, thinking he might move to the valley.

He stopped by later and informed us that he had rented the site next door to us. Evidently he is married but travels alone.

I installed the tri-pod stabilizer after Danny left, and it really does make a difference.

I took a shower and put on some clean clothing, to go for dinner at the home of Gilbert & Louise. We walked to their place and stopped along the way to say hello to Dan & Pat and Ted & Sue. We sure have met some nice people along the way in this lifestyle.

I spoke about Louise and her cooking when we were here last winter. Let's just say that she has lost none of her skill in the kitchen. What wonderful food!! She made a hot shrimp appetizer which we must get the recipe for. She served a carrot, cheese and broccoli soup with curry and other spices. MMmmmmmm!

Then she served the main course of beef and vegetables, cooked to perfection with just the right touch of spices and herbs. She followed that up with a platter of fruit and cheese. Then a delicious custard dessert topped it all off. Are you hungry yet?

We sat in their living room with a glass of wine, continuing the good conversation, until nearly 10:00 PM. It was hard to believe that we had been there for five hours. Great people, wonderful food and drink, nice dinner music playing softly in the background, and lively conversation. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Needless to say, that we were so relaxed and sleepy when we got home, that we slept like a log, not waking until we heard the newspaper delivery guy in his car, making the rounds.

Marilyn is up and getting the coffee on and I have a few pictures for you, so I will finish up this entry. Today is softball practice this morning and a cocktail party at Gilbert & Louises place this evening. The fun just never stops!

What a life!! Yesterday was a wonderful day and I look forward to another one today. You know me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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