Justin in Central America 2007 travel blog

Small monument in main square

Looking towards main square and cathedral

Well I took a walk around Granada this morning. The architecture is certainly stunning. In much better condition than Antigua, because of lack of earthquakes, although pirates ransacked the city in the 1600's.

Its like being in places in europe where every building is older than Australia itself.

The big letdown was the rubbish in the gutters. It seem there is some party on in the square last night and possibly tonight, so maybe its unusual. I hope it gets cleaned up probably tomorrow when its monday.

I've booked myself on another volcano tour. Yeah I'm a sucker but this one I can look into the volcano. Plus I'm going on a tour of some of the 300+ isletas in the lake, one of which is called monkey island because its full of monkeys :-)

Then I'll look at heading to Ometepe island for a few days. Haven't yet decided the schedule as yet.

Its a lot hotter and more humid here than in Guatemala. I guess its like Darwin just after the wet season has ended. My bed last night was shockingly hard so I`m off to find a new hotel. Although I did find the lack of hot water shower this morning rather pleasant and refreshing.

As you'll see on the map, i'm just visitng a small portion of Nicaragua. It was mainly due to the time when I thought I was going to bus it down, this way I avoided going all the way to San Jose and I could cut across to Costa Rica. So even though I flew I'm keeping it in the itinerary because I read so much that made me want to visit here. So far it feels like a safe place also.

Anyway I'm off for possibly a horse drawn carriage tour of the city, if i can get it cheap enough for one person.....

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