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Yesterday was a cloudy, humid day, with intermittent light rain showers. Marilyn and I had our morning coffee indoors and then decided that we should get busy. I went out to dump the holding tanks and straighten the lawn furniture, etc.

I then prepared a couple of business letters to cancel Marilyn's health insurance. Please don't send me any nasty letters... She is on Medicare beginning Jan 1st, 2008. :)

I sent another letter requesting a supplemental policy for her beginning on that same date.

Then I walked over to Dan & Pats place to return a couple of books they had loaned to me.

Dan wasn't home but Pat and I visited for awhile. Dan was off helping Ted pick out some wood for his hobby of making wooden pens. Dan is going to build a model ship and he wanted a nice piece of wood to mount it on, so that was part of the mission also.

After I returned to the RV, I took down the valance on the window where one of our defective day/night shades is located. Murphy's Law dictates that the big, heavy unmovable theater seating furniture is located in front of the window I need to work with. I did remove the backs from the leather recliners, which made access much easier.

I finally got the day/night shade completely removed and layed it out on the floor. I was standing there looking at that thing with it's broken strings, scratching my head, when Marilyn announced "Here comes Dan".

Just in time! Dan had agreed to help me repair this day/night shade because he has repaired a couple of his own and knows how. He was as welcome as a caped crusader to me, because I didn't have a clue.

Dan brought some 8# test cord with him to use in the repair. That should do it! Within two hours, we were finished, had the shade back on the window, adjusted and working great. Dan and I sat with a cold beer, admiring our work, for awhile, but he left before the backs went on the chairs and the valance went back on the window.

I have one more shade which needs the same type of repair so I have to buy some more beer. :)

Gilbert stopped by later in the day and invited us for dinner tonight. We were already obligated to get with some other friends, Al & Linda. We called them and finalized the arrangements to meet them today.

Marilyn and I slept with the windows open again. The low last night was 68 degrees. Now, we are up and at 'em this morning, just chomping at the bit, to get going.

I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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