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Our house in Christchurch

The river Avon

Model sail race on the lake

Chris in the Botanical gardens

Beck in the rose garden

Flower shot

Relaxing on the grass

Cactus in the green house

The green house

The cactus garden

Spikey boobies

Flower power

Fountain in the botanical gardens

The market

I can't remember what this bridge is for...!?!

The Avon

Chris pensive on the river bank

How cute is that..!?!

A gondola on the river

My beautiful bike

Bonfire night

Yuka & Becky

Beth & Lee

Jo & Mike

Sarah & Fo

Becky & Chris (you may notice Chris's black eye, he was poked...

Hello from Christchurch....

Sorry for being so slack on the website front, life for us has been quite hectic with the move and setting up our lives in Christchurch, plus we haven't had a computer for a while...I know, excuses, excuses....better late than never though.

So we've found a place to live with our mates Foley & Sarah from Calne, we're living really close to the city centre which is ideal. Christchurch itself was designed by a POM so its like home from home to us. There's a river Avon, Hereford St, St Albans, Gloucester Rd, Worcester Rd, Oxford Terrace - get my drift - the list goes on! The city itself, in fact the whole of the Canterbury region, is really flat so I bought myself a bike to get out and about on and there's trams which take you around the city centre.

We took a walk around the city yesterday, the botanical gardens is beautiful. Its the 3rd largest garden in the world. Coming 2nd is Hyde Park in London and 1st being Central Park in New York. It was a lovely sunny day and all the flowers were coming out and everything looked green and pretty. Its strange thinking summer is on its way here, it's going to be sureal having a warm Christmas.

We made it to a very disappointing bonfire display and fair on the 5th, after having many recommendations that New Brighton beach was the place to be, we were all very excited about this event. We got there and the fireworks had just begun, about 2 minutes later they ended. Unfortunately there was no bonfire or hotdogs (which Chris was upset about)and the fair was packed with Mauri Vicky Pollards so we made a quick exit home and reminissed about being at home.

We went out last weekend to sample the nightlife here and its great, its really lively and there's plenty going on. The bars are packed out most weekends and lots of live music which is great. Most places have really late licences so you can easily find places to get a drink at 5am. Its handy but dangerous all at the same time!

We're both working a fair amount with Chris roofing again, which he's enjoying and me training as a duty manager in an English style pub, the Bard on Avon. We also work the odd weekend shift in the Vespa Bar which is owned by the same people. Chris has already staked out an indoor footie team where he plays on a Sunday, so as you can see we're back in the swing of things.

We'll be in contact again in the not too distant future. Hope you're all happy and healthy...Bye for now x

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