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After fourteen hours of travel, I arrived in Chiclayo a very disoriented young woman! I got a taxi to drop me off at the main plaza so that I could look for a hostal. After searching for a while, not finding a single room without a bath for anything less than 15 dollars a night, I finally convinced a woman to let me stay in the crappiest room ever, but I only agreed to pay her 15 dollars for both nights-I couldnt believe I was actually going to pay for it! I gave myself a kick in the @ss when walking to dinner, I had finally clued in to the fact that I had just convinced a woman to let me stay in the room for a total of $4 and some change for both nights! I was so used to American dollars that I didnt even realize that all of the prices were in Peruvian Soles! Im such a dumb @ss sometimes, but damn good at bargaining, no???!!!!

I didnt do much in Chiclayo, mostly because I wanted to spend more time in Trujillo, but I did check out Mercado Modelo, said to be one of northern Perus liveliest and largest daily markets. I can vouch for that, its the largest and nastiest market Ive ever seen! On the south side of the market, ritual paraphernalia used by traditional curers and diviners (curanderos) litters the tables. El Mercado de Brujos (Market of Witches) is also supposed to be one of the most comprehensive in South America: there were herbal medicines, folk charms, random potions and exotic objects like dried llama foetuses-yikes! Needless to say, I didint buy anything and I didnt stay long, it was a sketchy area!

On the other side of the city was Paseo de Artesanias, an open-air arcade selling handicrafts and other nonsense. It was pretty pathetic, but I did buy a cheap little purse (it is forever in writing)!

Things I Hate About Peru (but I Still Laugh at):

1. Constantly being called a "Gringa" just happened again

2. Money changers who follow you for blocks with their fixed calculators

3. my favorite...the pimped out taxis and their drivers who, instead of honking at you, have installed electronic devices for $10US a piece that actually whistle at you!

Thursay I took an afternoon bus to Trujillo, only a three hour ride...

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