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Thursday Nov 15th

Ok, now I know the effect of doing both those leg exercises in one session! I had to force myself out of bed at 9:30am, about 1 1/2 hours later than normal and still I felt exhausted. I wanted to go swim, and then I remembered that swim sessions I had the day after leg workouts usually petered out after 30 minutes. I decided to wait until tomorrow to make sure I could do my full swim and enjoy it. Besides, the legs were d-e-a-d this morning :)

Today I am going to run errands, including returning the voltage converter I bought to charge my toothbrush. For some odd reason, the toothbrush wouldn't take the charge using it. So rather than mess anymore with my $130 toothbrush that I love, I'm going to go buy a $3 toothbrush to use for two weeks until I get to Perth, where my hotel will likely have a American-style 110 volt plug in the bathroom.

From the moment I stepped out that door today, there were Americans at every turn..on the tram, on the street, in the electronics store, even in the vitamin store where I stopped to buy protein powder. The salesperson, a guy from Detroit, pinned me down for fifteen minutes while he extolled the virtues of living abroad. Nothing personal against my readers.....I came here to get AWAY from Americans and experience other people and cultures. I felt like it was a reminder that I wasn't ready to go home yet, that I was still enjoying being in a foreign land and learning different perspectives. I'm going to have to put up my American shield the next time I go shopping! ;)

I spent the evening dining and chatting with Mark, an attorney from Adelaide that was in town for work. We ended up in a very long spiritual discussion, and it turns out that I was meant to inspire him to be open to all the possibilities that are available to him. It was something that became clear to me as soon as I started saying what was being sent to me, and affirmed by his own perception of what he was receiving from our conversation. It was the first time that I've ever been keenly aware of my own path, this place I am now, this journey I have taken having a direct effect on another person in an inspirational way. I really enjoyed the experience as it was very light and open, and I truly just had to be me for it to work for him. I know that my purpose here is to inspire and empower people to live as their true self, and the empower part has been the most obvious to this point. Having an example of the inspire portion has really energized me to find new ways to do that as well. Fun stuff!!

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